Sheila Madden, CEO, Madden Coaching & Consulting

My clients count on me to accelerate their success by being:  

1. A trusted, strategic business thinker with a passion for partnering with them to consistently achieve extraordinary results

2. Someone who has an unending ability to see their full potential and the ability to coach that potential into reality

3. Someone who has an uncompromising commitment to integrity, respect and to telling them the truth with kindness

4. The ability to always see the humor in life and a knack for helping them to see it as well

Navigating Complexity

We are living in a very complex time. Our global, interconnected world is asking more of leaders than in any other time in history. Working with an executive coach gives leaders the opportunity to have someone they trust help them parse through the complexities they are facing and to gain clarity on the most beneficial courses of action.

Unlike in the past when coaching was used as a remedial effort to improve poor performance, most coaching today is focused on accelerating the success of an already successful and /or high potential leader.

What can leaders expect to achieve with executive coaching?

  1. Increased competence and confidence
  2. A greater ability to engage global talent to deliver markedly better financial results
  3. Win the new global war for talent. People want to work with leaders who are effective and who can help them be successful
  4. Accelerate innovation & more rapidly launch new products and services
  5. Create performance based cultures
  6. Make extraordinary leadership part of the organization DNA

How the coaching cycle works with my clients:

  1. Motivation: Usually there is a tipping point event, e.g. new leadership role, new strategy, new market opportunities,  new company, lifestyle change that motivates an executive to look for a coach
  2. Inspiration: Once engaged with clients I get to know their personal and business goals and guide them through creating the vision of what is possible and desired
  3. Gap Analysis: Next I work with him/her to clarify the delta between their vision and their current reality. This provides us with the foundation for a roadmap to success
  4. Extraordinary Achievement Roadmap: Here we work together to prioritize and set specific goals to fill the gap
  5. Understanding and overcoming obstacles: Change never happens without  coming face to face with the thing that is holding someone back from extraordinary achievement. This is where we develop an understanding of what needs to shift in thinking, behavior and actions in order to achieve success
  6. Learning and practicing new approaches: Practice really does make perfect. Executives need the privacy of a coaching partnership to try new ways of leading and to get direct, honest and compassionate feedback
  7. Experiencing extraordinary results:  Once extraordinary leaders experience success, they typically raise the bar which starts the cycle again

What’s the ROI?

Executive coaching works and it pays, for when executives and leaders are performing at their highest level, it exponentially increases overall organization performance. That is why corporations like Google, Goldman Sachs, Juniper Networks and others are spending in excess of $1B/year on coaching in the US alone.

A recent global executive coaching study done by the International Coach Federation and PricewaterhouseCoopers which included 2165 coaching clients in 64 countries found that:

  •  20% of survey respondents had a return of 50X the initial investment
  • 28% had a return between 10-49X initial investment
  • The median company return was 7X initial investment

The success of executive coaching is why we are seeing the investment in it growing and the global reach expanding rapidly. Just like coaches of professional athletes, a great executive coach can work with successful executives and help them expand their capabilities to achieve their fullest potential, and in turn, that of their organization.

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