Executive Coaching & Consulting Services

In my practice I provide coaching and consulting to leaders of high-growth companies and organizations.

Coaching Practice:

In my coaching practice I work with 3 client sectors:

1. Executives and leaders who are committed to maximizing their leadership capabilities in order to create value and drive positive financial and organizational results.
2. College graduates and future leaders who are ready to launch their leadership careers with confidence, competence and character. (I am an executive coach for Vanderbilt’s Owen Graduate School of Management)
3. Individuals who want to be as fulfilled as they are successful. (For detailed information check out: (Live An Extraordinary Life)

Executive Coaching

As an executive coach, I function as your confidant and the person you can discuss and work through issues and challenges with privately. Here are some topics frequently discussed:

  • Maximizing your personal effectiveness and influence with your team, board, customers and shareholders. We do this first by understanding your strengths and focusing them to your best advantage. Second, and most important, we identify where your weakness are holding you back and devise new behavioral approaches to shift negative impact to positive results.
  • Clarifying strategic goals and aligning the organization and talent for successful execution
  • Deepening your coaching skills and showing you how to build your teams capability to do the same
  • Building a Succession Plan: Developing your senior team and building sustainable leadership bench strength in your organization
  • Powerfully communicating to inspire focused action
  • Devising healthy practices for managing the stress and time demands of executive life
  • Productively integrating your work demands with your family goals and responsibilities

In my consulting practice I specialize in:

1. Accelerating value creation through aligning corporate culture, talent, and organization structure with the business strategy.
2. Using business strategy as the foundation, I create customized leadership competency roadmaps that ensure leadership bench-strength and the right succession plans to support growth.
3. Partnering with Boards I design and execute CEO evaluations and succession planning.
4. Working with CEO’s or senior HR Leaders I develop integrated HR/Talent Management strategies and programs that drive business results and create value and return for stakeholders.

To learn more call 831 277-4919 or email me at: sheila.madden@maddencoaching.com

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