I work with high growth organizations where the acceleration of leadership capability is essential to meet growth demands. My organization development background enables me to help leaders develop an adaptive leadership tool box in order to successfully lead during the different stages of the organization’s life cycle.

My clients are leaders who want to be extraordinary and who want to create organizations that are talent magnets that breed innovation and deliver markedly better business results while also having fun. I work very effectively with leaders who want to invest in their own development in order to access their full wisdom and potential and who understand that in order to unlock the full potential of their organizations, they must learn to coach others to do the same.

With Whom Do I Work?

  • Intact Executive Teams: I work with CEOs and their executive teams to identify the key leadership competencies required to achieve strategic goals. Then I partner with each executive to create a customized coaching plan that we work on over a 12- month period to accelerate their leadership capabilities and impact and that drive measurable results.
  • Intact Director Level Teams: Here I take the work done at the executive level and cascade it down to coach and develop the next level of leadership to develop and deepen leadership competency and to build leader bench strength and succession plans.
  • Individual Corporate Sponsored leaders: From Director level to CEOs where the focus is on readying the leader for more senior roles and for accelerating capability and effectiveness.
  • Private Leadership Coaching: I have some clients who prefer to work with me privately (not sponsored by their companies).
  • Future Leaders: I work with MBAs from the Owen Graduate School of Management at Vanderbilt University.
  • Executives participating in external Executive Education Programs offered by outside universities.

Topics We Cover in Coaching

Executive Coaching is all about creating insight that accelerates leadership performance.

As an executive coach, I function as your confidant and the person with whom you can privately discuss and work through issues and challenges. Here are some topics frequently discussed:

  • Maximizing your personal effectiveness and influence with your team, board, customers and shareholders. We do this first by understanding your strengths and focusing them to your best advantage. Second, and most important, we identify where your weaknesses are holding you back and devise new behavioral approaches to shift negative behaviors into positive results.
  • Clarifying strategic goals and aligning the organization and talent for successful execution
  • Deepening your coaching skills to expand the capacity of your organization and showing you how to build your teams capability to do the same.
  • Mastering Emotional Intelligence to drive extraordinary personal and professional outcomes.
  • Succession Planning: Developing your leadership team and building sustainable leadership bench strength in your organization.
  • Powerfully communicating to inspire focused action and expanding your influence.
  • Devising healthy practices for managing the stress and time demands of executive life.
  • Productively integrating your work demands with your family goals and responsibilities

My number one priority is my clients’ success and happiness.  My clients know that I am a partner they can always count on for direct, honest, actionable and relevant coaching.

If you want to talk about coaching and how it might support your success:
Call: 831 277-4919
Email: sheila.madden@maddencoaching.com
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