“Sheila brings a deep understanding of business, organizational structure and dynamics, and knowledge of the key attributes of successful leaders and combines it with a natural and graceful style that makes every conversation both delightful and constructive. An extraordinary listener who asks the right questions at the right time, Sheila applies meaningful insights to bring the real issues to the forefront and follows up with specific recommendations.”
Hilary Newman, Sr. Vice President Interactive Innovations

“Sheila is an outstanding coach, imbued with the experience and savvy of a former executive and the rare ability to activate dormant talent in people. Whether you’re early in your career or a seasoned executive, I can promise you will gain tremendous clarity and confidence during and after your work with Sheila.
Aaron Fung, LinkedIn Talent Strategy

“Sheila is a seriously smart and exacting executive with an uncommon 360 degree perspective and skill set. Rarely have I encountered someone with such experience and acumen, especially in that most critical of executive leadership skills: emotional intelligence. Sheila’s coaching shines most brightly here – in this nexus of strategic inquiry informed by an on-going conversation about the most effective way to communicate and lead your organization to excellence. Be forewarned – this work is both intra-personal and inter-personal, be ready to be encouraged, challenged, supported, and most of all, for you and your organization to get better, much better. Ours did.”
Mike Milward, CEO Hospice of Santa Cruz County

“Sheila is an amazing coach – intuitive, practical, and empowering! The impact of our work together was evident to my Board members and direct report staff. I gained perspective, confidence and concrete tools and ideas to move my plans forward. Cannot recommend Sheila enough.”
Anna Foglia, Chief Executive Officer at Sun Street Centers

“Sheila is a unique blend of all things that are important to me in a coach. She is a savvy business strategist and an empathetic listener. She has helped me professionally and personally by giving me tools and advice to make me a more effective leader and realize my true potential. Sheila’s sense of humor only makes the coaching experience more enjoyable.”
Lisa McCormack, SPHR Executive Vice President, Melita Group

“I have worked with Sheila on two early stage companies during periods of rapid growth and organizational challenges. She is an A+ professional and a great asset and resource for any organization or individual seeking leadership coaching and guidance at the highest level. She is an excellent strategic business thinker. Her high emotional and social intelligence allows her to be extremely effective.”
Reece Duca, Chairman of the Board and Founder, GlobalEnglish Corporation & Partner at IGSB

“Sheila’s experience as an executive as well as the breadth and depth of her organization development and talent management expertise make her a uniquely effective coach and advisor to senior leaders in high growth companies. She quickly sorts through extremely complex business and people issues with precision and with positive results. Any executive wanting to continuously improve their leadership capability and their business results would benefit from working with her.”
Les Schmidt, Growth Advisor, Project Partner at Blue Dots Partners

“Sheila has amazing gifts for intuition and insight. Sheila is compassionate, realistic, and has a wonderful sense of humor. Working with Sheila is always rewarding and delightful – even when she is giving her ‘tough love’.”
Jano Kray, Security and Compliance Manager, Higher Education at 403 Labs

“Sheila is an outstanding consultant and executive coach. I have been her client over the past 15 years at four separate organizations. She has helped me develop my leadership capabilities through assessments, visioning, creative exercises and effective coaching and troubleshooting. I enthusiastically endorse Sheila.”
Andy Chan, VP for Innovation & Career Development. Wake Forest University

“Sheila is an incredible blend of a strategic, executive leader and outstanding coach. I was amazed at how fast I was able to make these shifts, and the tools, frameworks and insights she provided are long-lasting. Sheila is truly extraordinary.”
Eirene Chen, Business and Education Leader

“Our firm, Starfish Ventures,  retained Sheila to do 360 evaluations on a C-Suite leadership team that we had recently placed inside one of our portfolio companies. We selected Sheila because she has experience as an operating executive in early stage companies as well as her track record as an impactful coach and consultant. This combination of experience informs her work with a very insightful approach and also gives her a high level of credibility with CEO’s and their executive teams.”
Malcolm Thorton, Head of Investment ANZ at Cisco

“Sheila is a very strong business and organizational strategist as well an incredibly insightful leader in her field. She is so keenly aware of organizational nuances and individual behavior, and has such capacity for empathy, mixed with a truly unique capability to relate to all situations, that her insights are incredibly right on.”
Michelle Kapnias, Head of Design, Core and New Products at Move.com

“If you endeavor to be a masterful leader and are seeking effective and insightful leadership approaches and tools to achieve that goal , I highly recommend Sheila. Her coaching is infused with wisdom and she has the unique ability to operate as your true trusted advisor.”
Dan Brongiel, Sales and Business Executive

“I am happy to write a letter of recommendation for Sheila. I was very impressed with her knowledge when we worked together!”
Marshall Goldsmith, Executive Coach, Best selling Author

“I was extremely impressed by Sheila’s insightful and pithy observations on me. She’s able to succinctly summarize challenges/opportunities I have and provide actionable guidance. If you’re serious about getting the most out of your career, you’ll work with a coach like Sheila.”
Paul Reeves, Customer Success Executive, Zendrive

“Sheila is a joy to work with. Her knowledge of the subtleties surrounding emotional intelligence, and how these subtleties affect trust and workplace productivity, is second to none.”
Sam Neff, Consultant/Executive, Ed Tech

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