Meet Sheila


Sheila Madden, CEO Madden Coaching & Consulting

My Work and Philosophy

Extraordinary leaders achieve extraordinary results. I coach leaders to be extraordinary.

Extraordinary leaders create organizations that breed innovation and deliver markedly better business results. They hire the best people and engage that talent fully and remarkable and tangible results happen. In a recent study done by Towers Perrin of global companies, engaged employees collectively increased operating income by 19% and EPS by 28%. There is no question, great leadership matters and creates value for stakeholders.

Only extraordinary leaders have the ability to access their full wisdom and potential and, seemingly without effort, enable others to do the same. They have courage, integrity and soul. They have a deep respect for the stewardship of their role and they mindfully focus on being the best.

My name is Sheila Madden and I have worked in the areas of executive coaching, talent management and organization effectiveness for over 20 years. I have worked inside high-tech companies as a senior executive (most recently as the SVP of Global Talent Management for GlobalEnglish Corp., previously IBM, The Learning Company and Tandem) as well as working as an external executive coach and consultant with clients/organizations that include Adobe, BetterWorks, Equal Access, IBM, icix, Intuit, Songbird, Sonos, Stanford GSB, The World Health Organization, The University of Chicago, Vanderbilt University, Vendavo  and others. I know the challenges of leading teams, working globally and tapping into the full spectrum of human potential  first hand.

I specialize in:

  • executive leadership development coaching (Director to C-level executives)
  • coaching talent management executives
  • coaching future leaders and new college graduates on successfully launching their leadership careers
  • consulting with talent management leadership teams on developing and deploying global talent management strategies and programs

In your work with me, we start with what goals you want to achieve and then lay out a leadership roadmap to accomplish them, extraordinarily. We talk honestly about how to use your strengths to meet your objectives and how your weaknesses may be holding you (or your organization) back from tapping into you/your organization’s full potential. We do this with weekly meetings driven by specific action plans and strategies because coaching is about action, not just words. We set milestones and I challenge you to try new approaches and to continually redefine (up and to the right) what “extraordinary” means for you and your team.

Whether your workforce is local or global, you will benefit from my deep understanding of the challenges and opportunities facing leaders as well as my “hands-on” experience engaging a global workforce.

When you work with me you get:

  1. A trusted, strategic business thinker with a passion for partnering with you to consistently achieve extraordinary results
  2. An unending ability to see your full potential and the ability to coach that potential into reality
  3. An uncompromising commitment to integrity, respect and to telling you the truth with kindness
  4. The ability to always see the humor in life and a knack for helping you see it as well

If you want to talk about coaching and how it might support your success in life and work, you can reat 831 277-4919 or email me: You can also follow me on Twitter @sheilamadden

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  1. Christy says:

    Son of a gun, this is so hlepful!

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